Guitar lessons

Learning to play the guitar

Almost everyone goes through a stage of wanting to learn the guitar.  Whether you have dreams of rock stardom, or just want to take guitar lessons to learn your favourite song, the guitar is a hugely popular choice.

Part of the guitar’s enduring appeal is down to the fact that it is a singer/songwriters dream.  You can accompany your voice on acoustic, provide rhythm for lead instruments, or get your shred on with intricate soloing techniques.

I have always been pretty geeky when it comes to writing down strategies and practice plans to identify areas for improvement.  These guitar cheat-sheets focus on the essential chords, scales, technique and more that you need to know to improve your playing.

Can anyone learn guitar?

Every beginner encounters the same obstacles – like playing a clean F chord, or a barred B chord.  The truth is that practice really does make perfect when it comes to learning the guitar.

Above all, guitar lessons should be fun.  If you enjoy what you’re doing then you’re far more likely to stick at it and become the player you want to be.  I don’t believe that there are any miracle/magic systems that will turn you into a guitar god in two weeks, but there are many shortcuts to mastering the fretboard.